The Hindu  |   13/07/2019
Hydes Studio’s bespoke leather bags display the leather’s natural texture and finish

She spent her days dealing with employees in a corporate firm, and he lent a helping hand at his family’s leather business. But one day they decided to put their minds together and go from being just spouses to business partners. And that’s how Hydes Studio

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Lbb  |   03/2017
You Need To Bag Gorgeous Totes, Buckets And Slings Made By Chennai Label Hydes Studio

Hydes Studio based out of Chennai masters in creating bags with clean lines, classic silhouettes and a pop of colour. From roomy totes to practical cross-body versions, all the bags are functional and come with additional pockets to stash everything from cameras to makeup and stationery.

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By Hand from the Heart  |   03/10/2016
Meet The Maker: Ramya Hari Madhavan, Hydes Studio, Chennai

We chat up with Ramya Harimadhavan, a designer of leather accessories. With in a career in HR and later a marriage that got her closer to her entrepreneurial dream; Ramya set up HYDES STUDIO with the support of her husband a leather designer too. With a flair for design and a long standing dream at heart; Ramya is successfully crafting leather accessories from their workshop – studio in Chennai. Our new collection concentrate mainly on small goodies with an interesting touch.

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New Indian Express  |   11/11/2016
Structured designs and responsibly sourced leather define the handbags from Hydes Studio

Offering elegant and minimalistic designs in leather handbags and small accessories,Ramya Harimadhavan says,"I always keep an eye out for different patterns. i see structure in everything,right from building to people and pleaces."

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Dhwani Kathotia  |   19/11/2015

As the year’s end approaches, I look back to realize that it has probably been the most eventful year of my life. Adventures, success, failure, life lessons, and a whole lots firsts. Boy has it been fun! That’s what brings me to what this post is all about - two contrasting parts of me this year and all the fun that came with it; depicted through my story with Hydes Studio. When I scrolled through the collection from Hydes Studio, I could not stop myself from relating to the products. I don't know what it was, but these bags seemed to fit into my life perfectly, whatever be the situation.

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High On Style  |   10/05/2015

My days are filled with errands and it is really difficult to keep up with all that is coming my way. On the other side I’m really content that things are actually falling into place and the outcome is amazing, at the end of the day I'm moving forward with whatever i am doing. The number of things that I need to carry keeps increasing everyday with increase in my necessities and requirements. Initially I never used to carry big bags instead I opt for smaller ones because of weight constraints, also the fact that I haven’t actually found the kind of bag I wanted.

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India Today  |   14/07/2017
Two's company

The home turns into a workshop very often. However, they choose to keep personal talk outside the workshop and consult each other on every decision. "Though we handle different aspects of the company, Hari still runs every design through me and takes my suggestions on usability," adds Ramya.They take personal calls outside of the workshop to help create a workspace atmosphere for others.

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Style Inked  |   28/07/2016
When I designed a Camera Bag

Its a long story but I am going to make it short for you guys!! 6 months back I met the lovely founders of Hydes Studio – Ramya & Hari over coffee and we discussed everything from travelling, running our own business, fashion, coffee and HANDBAGS (Hydes Studio makes some stunning leather handbags)! And keeping your interest in mind, I am going to elaborate one part of that discussion in this post , a beautiful collaboration we did to design a camera bag 🙂 (And if you are interested in discussing other things, we should definitely meet over coffee! )

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